Bourbon tavern source of Neapolitan taste

Ristorante Napoli Filumè Bistrot

Welcome to Filumé Bistrot Napoletano, soul of the Reign of the Two Sicilies. The timber beams and the trachytic rock floor date back to 1700s, giving the inimitable style of a Bourbon tavern. In this building at the shade of the Obelisque of Immacolata, the film-maker Vittorio De Sica shot L’Oro di Napoli and Matrimonio all’italiana, with Sofia Loren starring as Filomena Marturano. The owner of the bistrot, Pasquale Mancini, was inspired by her character for ist name, “Filumé”. The skillful chefs turn out culinary masterpieces of Neapolitan traditions, like “Baccalà alla napoletana” with esacarole “alla monachina”, delicious pizza, desserts, gourmet dishes that go along a wide selections of wines.

Filumé Bistrot Napoletano
Piazza del Gesù 31/32, Napoli