Festival of Ancient Taverne, great dishes of the protagonists history

Calamarata sagra antiche taverne

Return the puteolana festival dedicated to the rediscovery of ancient flavors and traditions of the Neapolitan. Called the Ancient Taverne, the culinary festival, in its sixth year, has the heart of the event seven ancient taverns button staged in the picturesque setting of the Archaeological Institute Professional Park, along the ancient Via Domitian (Civ. 150). Rainbow of colors and explosion of fragrances in an animated scene by many in costume, where the care and quality of food will join the culinary art and setting borrowed from the eighteenth century. Glimpses of ancient daily life, folk dancing, street vendors, and musicians will enliven the scene of soft, soft lighting of torches and braziers. But let’s see what the program guests who will intervene.

An exhibition of highly qualified agro-food products, both for the proposed varieties, both for the high quality standards guaranteed.

Educational farm organized by Masseria Pignata di Varcaturo. In addition to observing geese, rabbits, sheep and pigs, children can assemble riding on ponies and donkeys.


Tammorre and Putipù
During the event groups of dancers and musicians play guitars, tammorre, astagnelle and putipù, enlivening the ancient Via Domitian with villanelles, tarantella and tammorriate.

The posteggia
For lunch and dinner, he could not miss the legendary “parked”. In respect of the ancient Neapolitan tradition, the musicians will stop at various taverns to perform short concerts of traditional music in Neapolitan language.

Among grown pasta, rice balls, meatballs, tripe to the salad, pears and musso, croquettes, anchovies and fried calamari, visitors can savor the best of the fast food made in Naples.


La Taverna del Marenaro

Soup Cod and potatoes
Mussel soup
Gilded and fried anchovies
Peppered mussels
Grilled vegetables

La Taverna dei Poverielli

Pasta and cabbage
Rice and cabbage
Bean soup
Livers with ty
Tripe with potatoes
Potatoes on the grill

La Taverna dei Ciceri

Pasta and cicerchie
Pasta beans and pork rinds
Pasta with green peas
Stew with potatoes and peas
Beans and escarole
Cobs on the grill

La Taverna del Casaro

Potatoes and pasta provolone
Orecchiette with broccoli and pecorino
Ricotta cheese with mustard and pesto bean
Bundle of braided grilled
Rocket and pucchiacchella

La Taverna del Chianchiere

Polenta and sausages
Home Pasta alla Genovese
Sausages and barbecued ribs
Fried meatballs
Broccoli in a pan

La Taverna del Sauce

Maccaruni with meat sauce
Cavatelli with meat sauce and ricotta
Chops with meat sauce
Meatballs in sauce
Grilled artichokes

La Taverna della Fava

Beans and bacon dumplings
Trofie with pesto fava
Grilled cheese with mashed beans
Fresh broad beans, bacon and pecorino
Chicory and fava beans

La Taverna of Sweetness Flegree

Traditional sweets
Cakes cut
Fresh fruit
Lemon strawberry
Homemade liqueurs


Institute of State for the Environment and Agriculture Giovanni Falcone
Via Domitiana 150 – Licola Pozzuoli (Naples) (opposite “Ideal Camping Village”)

OPENING TIME: 11:00 – 16 and 18:00 to 23:00

Email: nais06200c@istruzione.it
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