Orecchiette with mozzarella. Here comes the festival of Montesarchio


Each wait is rewarded. And so comes the 19th festival of Montesarchio dedicated to the orecchiette. This time the magic formula for cooking this special kind of pasta involves the use of mozzarella pan-fried and so duly grated parmesan and pecorino. Already she felt the smell, is not it? And you’re right! The feeling for the palate, however, does not end here. To make this tasty company first by the white colors, there will also be a padellaccia with pork served with potatoes and peppers.

And they could never miss seasonal fruits both fresh and dried? Absolutely not. Everything will be “wet” with good wine Aglianico local doc. Finally: folk dances and fireworks will color even more so in the evening program Saturday, July 19 at Montemauro Montesarchio. Bon voyage and bon appetit!