Sfogliatella, the secret is not revealed

sfogliatella napoletana carraturo

I wonder if it is only legend. But it’s nice to think so. That there is a secret ingredient that you can not reveal, that comes from the times and distant places, kept in a sacred treasure hidden somewhere. But it matters little to know, what matters are these works of fragrance, they do speak of Naples as the singers who have praised and the iconography of the sun, the Gulf and Vesuvius that outline. The puff is the daughter of this postcard. What if there was a register dedicated sfogliatella lead the surname of Carraturo.

Fifty years have passed since that February of 1955, when Victor, son of art confectioner, began to churn out the classic curly and shortbread. Fifty years. And pastries “Carraturo Vittorio” never cease to stand out for the quality of all their large pastry. The palate recognizes careful. The secret? “We take him in the heart and passion handed down from our father”, reveal Elvira and Felice Carraturo. Do not reveal the secret of puff. But a board, are happy to dispense “Go eaten hot, but not too much, dusted with powdered sugar beside a good coffee.”

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