Spaghetti with clams and pistachio. taste of the sea with little

Recipe also quick and easy to prepare this spaghetti with clams and pistachios. There always comes from Procida

spaghetti vongole pistacchio

The recipe-story (recipe “seasoned” by the history that led to the preparation of the dish) coming from Procida continue. This time our friend Gian Luca that we will send, and who calls himself chef Sunday, offers us a nice fresh and flavorful dish just as his island, where a light breeze or strong winds mix the air and the scents of the earth sea. We publish as always, as well as receive.

“This summer I helped a good friend of mine, Sandro, in his ice cream shop and all summer I have been forced, to my regret, to have to taste all the ice cream I prepared. It ‘been a tough job, but someone had to do. In short, I had to sacrifice in the name of friendship and good company. And for every new ice cream that tasted (the tasting quantity to dignity do not you write them), then I had to do at least thirty km bike for at least somehow mitigate my guilt for not understanding right away at the first teaspoon if any ice cream was good or not. One of the biggest problems was the temptation to have lunch at the base of ice cream, or with fruit and whipped cream. Needless to say, it has often been a surrender inevitable and consequent teaspoons armed battle. But the battle that made me lose the war was definitely the one with pistachios from Bronte. In fact, although the sorbets to lemon and mandarin procidano opened and closed my days of “compulsive taster” could contain attacks hitting my stomach with just two or three teaspoons, but when I had to fix or remove from the window pistachio ice cream Bronte was a real defeat Caporetto. Adeparting. And all this has to do with a first course. And now we get there. Read on. My curiosity to “cook the Sunday” against Pistachio grew every time “working” and I was wondering if and how I could use in the kitchen for the precious fruit of the earth Catania. One night coming home earlier than usual, I get a message from my wife asks me to buy something to prepare a quick dinner because of the friends would come to visit us. I thought then that it was time to dare and “borrowed” a handful of crushed pistachios and some whole from the ice cream parlor pantry and I rushed to the port of my beloved island in the hope of finding more of clams from my fishmonger to trust . In mind the dish was ready, and I was sure that the strange combination I had imagined, could be successful. The first dish aroused curiosity by diners but soon after the sovereign silence reigned for a few minutes, and the joy was so great when some of them asked for an encore, indeed, better said, they got up and went on their own to take out of the pan to I call “u better muorz” and that is the piece of dough with the final part of the sauce, do not be distributed for the mega portion.

Ingredients: pistachio, clams, extra virgin olive oil, white wine, parsley, capers, gragnano spaghetti

Making of recipe

To open the clams cooking them, without adding water, in a high saucepan preserving the sauce. In a skillet large enough (I always use my favorite aluminum) heat the olive oil and add the crushed before pistachios, capers, and after a minute the clams with sauce made from blanching then fading it all with the White wine. Drain the pasta always al dente and finish cooking in the pan with the sauce for stir in a bit ‘. Serve adding a little bit of finely chopped parsley, a sprig for the choreography also together with the whole pistachios. “