The roads leading to the Mozzarella Paestum 13 and April 14

le strade della mozzarella paestum

Roads mozzarella 2015, after stops in France, Great Britain and Switzerland close at Paestum, protagonist catering copyright and excellent products that tell the Made in Italy quality.

It will be “an essential travel” the theme of the congress of signature cuisine dedicated to the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP and the great Italian products. Beware that you will concentrate on the digestibility, health, concentration of flavors, the exploitation of raw materials and modern thoughts. This is thanks to interventions of prestigious chefs from across Europe who will devote to present a lecture about their products on topic. Will be moderated by as many important names in international food critics.

Among the most anticipated events of food and wine and followed the year, Roads of Mozzarella confirming an appointment for discussion and dialogue on high cuisine that interprets and investigates the boundaries of one of the most popular cheeses in the world.

A big focus dedicated to the culinary world’s most popular district of Campania, and which will among the protagonists also Gragnano pasta, Neapolitan pizza, large tomatoes from Campania, in fact, part of the world that revolves around the Mozzarella DOP.

The “Taste Club”, designed with great attention to the environment by using innovative construction materials, will host a broad insight on extra virgin olive oil and, for the first time, will see the presence of the other great Italian DOP cheeses and IGP. Great expectations will be reserved for the session dedicated to the Neapolitan pizza which will open the session on Tuesday, April 14 and which will also be the theme of the final evening.

The whole project of The Streets of Mozzarella and its Congress of Paestum is organized in collaboration with the Consortium of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP and will take place in the well-kept and functional at the Savoy Beach Hotel Paestum.

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