“U pesc fiut”. Here is the recipe Procida where the primary ingredient is desire

ricetta pesce fuiuto fuggito scappato

Recipe very suitable for cold days of winter, and if prepared with special people or special events, will remain indelible in your memory. Just as it was for our friend Gianluca, procidano Doc, who often writes what we called “the recipe story”, recipes related to a story. We publish as well as receive.

“The kitchen of my beautiful island is very rich in fish, but at one time it was not so. In ancient times the delicious fish was the preserve of the wealthy families while, on the tables of the less well-off, were widespread fish products of little cost as the anchovies in the pan or gilded and fried and cooked in crazy water cod with tomatoes, garlic, oil and Chili pepper. And then, just for those who could afford it was, and still is today, thanks to the fact that it is a fantastic recipe for its simplicity, the tradition of preparing “u pesc fiut” (the fish escaped, escaped) . With stale bread, hot water, spices, garlic, some cherry tomatoes and only the desire to eat a fish, that in fact there will be in the pot, in fact, preparing a dish that is fast and cheap, written in dialect, “buono assaje”!!

I have a wonderful memory, almost touching, attached to this dish and even now when I hear of it, or I have the good fortune to eat it, I’m excited. And for that I’ll tell before explaining how it is prepared here in Procida. I went to high school and as always the approach of Christmas every excuse was good to do “lodging” (unauthorized party at school). That year, which are my memories, was particularly cold and lack of heaters in classrooms sparked a full-scale riot with a succession of strikes to the bitter end. I attended the second year of the Boat, and together with my class decided to join the strike declared car because the math test and questions of seamanship to be addressed before the holidays were not really a lot of fun. On that day, I still remember that it was a beautiful day and the wind was strong, along with some older friends decided to go out windsurfing. Then there were no social or mobile phones and after a grueling organization were ready with the boards already on the older machines, and with the rest of the equipment carried on the shoulder on vespette 50.[charme-gallery]We went out despite the bitter cold. But it was nice, because the wind was strong and the perfect wave. We never missed the first day of a perfect ponentata. My brother and I had two changes a heavier and a summer. That day I decided to put me the finer to return the favor to my brother that on that occasion he made me use small sail we had for surfing, by virtue of the fact that at that time I was still very light and I could never surf with the wind with the other largest sailing because it would take more strength and body weight. It was a fantastic day and when we got home we were all a bit ‘chilly but very, very happy. On the beach, we had nowhere to change us and not taking the suit off him, but only putting the jacket on so we moved toward our homes thinking they could take a hot shower and rest. For me it was not so because I had promised to help Dad in his work, and so I did. At first, the hot shower was to help, but after the “cold on” gave me no respite. Back in but I could not make sense that I was cold in the evening home and then decided to stop to eat his grandmother. Grand Mather Maria heads around and said: Now I’ll take and prepared one of the most spectacular dishes “sniffed fish”. Unforgettable. Indelibly in the memory of goodness and appropriateness of the moment.

Grandma, prepared him well since then and I’ll prepare it precisely accurate as you. He explains how he did. Take notes.

Ingredients: bread the day before, garlic, olive oil, parsley, celery, some tomatoes and chili pepper

Put to boil in water with parsley, celery, garlic clove and some cherry tomatoes piennolo and made her boil since when, almost completely “withdrawn”, had not obtained a sauce similar to that of the fish at ‘ crazy water. In the end then, in two dishes, one for me and one for her, she puts pieces of bread stale freshly roasted in a pan with olive oil and pepper, and poured it over the sauce prepared slowly, with the accuracy and l ‘ I love that only you could have. She accompanied the dish with a glass of local wine and I, however, still inexperienced, with water. Obviously I appealed “rookie”, not just because I appreciated a good bicch.