For 2015, a calendar of author with…makeup


A 2015 in the name of beauty. It took place in the beautiful setting of Villa Campolieto, Herculaneum, the public presentation of the 2015 calendar of the make up artist Ortensia Tropeano “Dodicitrucchiduemilaquindici“. Interpreters of the new calendar twelve models, one for each month, not professionals, who posed with his own face for make-up specialist. The evening, which was attended by over 500 guests, has experienced moments of music and entertainment, with performances by tango and a flash mob of contemporary dance. The festival, cheered by the notes of the trio Music Plant, saw, in fact, the immersive exhibition of tango masters of the Salone Margherita of Naples, Nora Witanowsky and Juan Carlos Martinez, while great curiosity sparked flash mob of fifteen boys coordinated by Peppe Coppola and Francesca Wirz. Special presentation, curated by Massimiliano Di Maio, the twelve interpreters 2015 calendar.[charme-gallery]

Each month has been proposed, in fact, with a photographic realization, the size of two meters, flanked by the same model rigged to showcase the naturalness of the shots. The twelve models, who donned for the occasion gowns of designer Bruno Caruso, have also supported the charity sale of the calendar which allocates the proceeds to the association “Ciro Vive“. During the evening presentation were collected, among the guests, over 2,000 euro fund. The calendar, which will be on sale through the site of the make up artist Ortensia Tropeano and the association created to remember the young fan Neapolitan to the base price of just 10 Euros, will also be promoted in other upcoming occasions. In January, Saturday 10, 17 and 24, will be held in a few shops in the area Chiaja of free trials makeup with Tropeano Ortensia, which will be sold during the calendar “Dodicitrucchiduemilaquindici“. [charme-gallery]