Neapolitan summer fashion with all colours to be worn


The exclusive creations of stylists and brands of “made in Naples” for the summer season of 2013 appear as in Shakespeare’s ‘In emerald tufts, flowers purple, blue and white; like sapphire, pearl and rich embroidery’.[charme-gallery]

Flowers, full of positive energy are to be seen everywhere. Roccobarocco sets them in damask style on elegant jackets, on white and gold leggings and on tops, and more realistically on palazzo trousers. Mario Valentino has them hand-painted on bolero cut calfskin jackets and limited edition shoes. Sarli has cocktail dresses with leaf effect sleeves and tissue evoking old terracotta pine cones, like Caltagirone ceramics, matched to caps, skirts and tight tops.[charme-gallery]

Nino Lettieri takes inspiration from the leaves of the Amazonian “monstera”, printed or embroidered on evening dresses in chiffon, organdy and satin. Gianni Molaro proposes long segmented siren gowns and, in his art couture collection, flowers on black lace contrasting over original red and yellow tubes.[charme-gallery]

Alessio Visone’s leit motif is a rain of rose petals, on revealing tops, on skirts, sleeves and straps of refined evening wear. Large sartorial silk flowers are on almost every chemise, the star of the line, matched to shorts, skirts, pareos and trousers. Fabrizio Crispino has strong, decisively coloured flowers on extremely feminine dresses inspired by cinema divas of the ‘50s and ‘60s, enriched by hand-made embroidery.[charme-gallery]

The Fabiana Ferri brand proposes short dresses with oblique volants, which evoke lillies, and vitiminic long dresses. Bianca Brandi has more nuanced pieces  with irregular stripes slowly eliding into water-colour flowers. Giorgia & Johns has printed flowers on short dresses and blouses in white and blue, but also in black on belts to pair with light pale dresses in  cotton, georgette or crepe. Vittoria Romano’s summer collection uses flora and fauna in multicoloured bouquets and animal patterns. The clothes have clear lines to best show off the silhouette of the avant-garde women.[charme-gallery]

There are no flowers for men, but a lot of colour. Kiton’s Cipa collection, a modern revisitation of Ciro Paone’s ‘60s creations, propose figure hugging surfing and beach patterns, and marvellous nuances can be seen in the ties and the other lines of the brand. The Luigi Boriello collection is inspired by the manager and golf enthusiast: bright colours for leisure time and light shades, or navy, for formal wear.[charme-gallery]

With Harmont & Blaine the classical colours fade to new tints, weathered by salt air, and in the collection polo sweaters and t-shirts call to mind nautical flags, and silk shirts the sun playing on the sea.

Orazio Luciano of La Vera Sartoria Napoletana features saharan trousers in cotton and cashmere and jeans effect jackets. Paolo Scafora’s hand-made shoes proposes nuanced colour combinations for wearing all day long.[charme-gallery]