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History and myth dress the spring

Stylists from Campania imagine spring 2015 as suspended between History and Myth. Nino Lettieri has been inspired by the geometrical figures of ancient Pompei...

Neapolitan summer fashion with all colours to be worn

The exclusive creations of stylists and brands of “made in Naples” for the summer season of 2013 appear as in Shakespeare’s 'In emerald tufts,...

Positano and Capri, fashion which conquer the world

For the summer of 2013, the fashion griffes are reproposing the timeless styles of Positano and Capri. The details of “Positano fashion power” can be...

Handmade shoes, Paolo Scafora Naples

Eccellenze della Campania. L'hand made famoso nel mondo. Scarpe fatte a mano figlie di Partenope.

The practical and chic style for the woman spring 2013

Delicious, spicy, exotic. They are these the first adjectives that they usually come to mind if it is thought about the cinnamon one of...