The perfect wedding according to Angelo Garini, guest of Susi Sposito’s atelier


Put a spring afternoon you are to be a guest of the friendly and intimate fashion atelier of the neapolitan designer Albachiara by Susi Sposito, capped by the architect of dreams Angelo Garini, add a bit of excitement for those who are preparing for the happiest day of your life and you’ll get all the ingredients for the success of a perfect wedding.

The series of meetings organized by the designer and his staff saw this time starring the eclectic Angelo Garini, a name that is a guarantee in the organization of weddings and events, owner and founder of “Garini Imagine”.
The designer has fulfilled all the curiosity of future brides and anyone who wants to take his job with passion and dedication.

The same determination that brought the creative designers to become the number one in its field, starting with a degree in architecture to the realization of the most prestigious weddings, are legendary ones were held in the magical setting of Venice, through the bucolic atmosphere of the countryside up to the charm of islands like Capri timeless charm.

This and much more is collected in the book written by Garini and published by the neapolitan publishing house Malvarosa, “The Wedding”, presented no coincidence that just premiered in the city of Naples, where the architect is particularly fond of and where he one of the seats of its lounges Garini.


And the happy marriage between Pasquale Esposito,  faithful collaborator Garini and the prestigious designer Susi Sposito, creator of wedding dresses unique and original, was born at a meeting in which every woman can get advice and advances to the fateful day of yes, always starting from the tradition but enriching it with those who are new trends of the season.

Because even a classic event as it may be marriage, what are you adapting to social changes and , therefore, the receipt becomes a moment of conviviality more free formalisms and labels, and especially you dare, as suggested by Garini.

For next season the new trends bring us a lot of color even on the classic white wedding dress that enhances the nuances of the setting sun, with yellow mixing with the pink and orange shades found in many of the garments made ​​from Susi Sposito with hand-painted fabrics.
And yet , the words space , or the fashion of the “lettering”, in which the written word becomes manifest love and then again a lot of mixing of materials and shapes, gold and silver that are combined with the softness of the fabrics that decorate the rooms.
All executed artfully in the name of the ancient and precious art of receiving.

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