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The Partenope’s treasure is based on millenia of history

The historic centre of Naples is built on top of a network of interconnected caverns and tunnels from the Greco-Roman Age, which can now...

Luisa Sanfelice, a heroine for the case

Who was Luisa Sanfelice and what role he had, really, in the facts of the Neapolitan Republic? Had it not been for the pen...

Joan II of Angiò , the legend of Queen Mantis

Little more than six centuries ago, was the February 2, 1435, died in Naples Joan of Angiò. Belonging to the branch of Angiò-Durazzo, the...

New Castle, the Male of stone guardian of Naples.

Feats of arms, sieges and forts. Strongholds of stone, royal residences. The history of Naples and his castles begins a long time ago. Since...