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(Italiano) Sondaggio Fai: Parco della Rimembranza da salvare

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.Il Parco della Rimembranza di Napoli è tra i primi 10 luoghi da salvare secondo un sondaggio...

Naples, postcards from bango Elena on display at Castel dell ‘Ovo

The vintage feeling of Naples comes alive in the series "Postcards from Bagno Elena", an exhibition of images and photographs ranging from the mid...

Parco Virgiliano, where nature has been exceeded

Imagine an oasis surrounded by greenery, there, in the heart of Naples. An oasis with breathtaking views at 150 meters above sea level, picturesque and...

Naples in the pink jersey

Naples is preparing to welcome the caravan of the 96th Giro of Italy which lands in the town of Vesuvius after 50 years. Starting...