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Naples awaits the miracle of San Gennaro

Today, from 16.30 toNaples, the traditional and solemn procession carrying the statue of San Gennaro and phials containing the blood of the martyr, which...

The blood of San Gennaro is melted, Napoli in party

It is repeated at 10.12 the miracle of the liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro. To announce to the faithful and tourists flocked...

Miracle of San Gennaro, Naples prepares for the party

One saint, one city. If Naples is famous in every corner of the globe, not only must the pizza and Vesuvio, authentic brands of  Naplesspread all...

History and faith of the temple with Saint January’s relics

The Cathedral of Naples, contrary to what many may imagine, is not dedicated to the patron Saint January (the whole city celebrates him on...

Naples, the city where the blood of the saints loosens him

The liquefaction of the blood of saints is a mystic form of cult devotion perpetuated in memory of Christian martyrs. And nowhere is this...

Anticipated miracle, the blood of St. Gennaro was already loosened

Blood was already loosened at five o'clock in the afternoon. When the cardinal dii Naples Crescenzio Sepe has opened the reliquary today you/he/she has...


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