Tradition and flavors of Naples relive in the festival dedicated to pasta and its delicious variations


There are many culinary merits recognized the city of Partenope.
And ranging from mouth-watering dishes of the holidays that often saw the light of the many religious institutions within the city, through the classic Neapolitan pizza, which according to tradition was born in honor of Queen Margherita of Savoy. Until you get to her, her majesty the pasta, one of the most famous cities of the Gulf and exported all over the world.

More used to the food in the kitchen, the food festival is dedicated to “How May on macaroni” which will be held for five days, from May 29 to June 2, 2014, in Naples, in the courtyard of the monastery of Santa Chiara.
This is the first exhibition dedicated solely to the pasta and its undisputed beneficial properties for the body and spirit and it is no coincidence that the event is taken right in the capital of Campania Naples because we remember that in 1600 became the capital of Pasta and has since maintained this coveted record intact.


So, thanks to the simple but successful union between water and grain, the courtyard of Santa Chiara will turn into a real Neapolitan typical village of 600, complete with a tavern where visitors can taste the pasta in different variations, and some products typical of the area, reliving the festive spirit of the old Naples. The entrance area of the citadel of the Franciscans is strictly free.

Space then workshops, tastings and cooking shows, in collaboration with students and faculty of the school Vittorio Veneto Secondigliano – Scampia.
But not over here! The festival has called Naples, in fact, two very interesting competitions that will test all the master chefs who want to try their hand in creating dishes of 600. Obviously based on pasta.

Two races scheduled for 31 May and 1 June. A based Genovese, and a  ragù. Up for grabs for the winners of a weekend for two people in the Cilento and 20 kg of pasta.
Recall that the dishes will be cooked in their own homes and delivered to the organizing secretary of the festival by 15.00, at booth kitchens. Afterwards, at 18.00, will start the tasting by a panel of journalists who judge the wine sauces prepared and will elect the winners.

“As the Maggio on macaroni”
May 29 – 2giugno 2014
Hours: 29 and 30 May from 18.00 to 24.00 ; on 31 May and 1 and 2 June from 11.00 to 24.00
Admission: Free
Courtyard of the Church of Santa Chiara

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