The finest mozzarella on the front page


Only with the best buffalo milk. This is the unmistakable sign of the prod-ucts of the Caseificio Ponte a Mare, awarded with the important acknowl-edgements like the “Gambero Rosso” and often appearing in the pages of the national and international media (includingJapan) because of the goodness of its handmade culinary pearls, the result of craftsmanship and tradition. Simply wonderful: white, smooth with a soft heart, buffalo milk mozzarella simply melts in the mouth. But there is also fabulous ricotta, made from the whey and artesan pasta, treasures to be tasted, and provola, a mild but decisive cheese.[charme-gallery]

The art of cheese production has been in the Paolo family for more than sixty years. The activity was started in the 1950 at Castelvolturno, on the fertile banks of the Volturno river (a suggestive angle of Terra di Lavoro), and continues today, its secrets passed down from father to son, their expertise being a guarantee of success.

Caseificio Ponte a Mare

Via Domitiana km 34.070

Castelvolturno (Caserta)

tel. +39.0823.85.15.25