Malazè, six routes to the Land of Myth

Seiano (Ph. Marina Sgamato)

Six routes to the Land of Myth and…archaeological gastronomy and wine. Getting ready in the Campi Flegrei for the ninth edition of Malazè, the event dedicated to wine, food and tourism in the area north of Naples. The event will be held September 6 to 16 and more than a hundred prrevede initiatives between the territories of Naples, Pozzuoli, Bacoli, Quarto, Giugliano,  Monte di Procida and Procida island. Here is a summary of what will be proposed in the course of the routes.

Neapolis. Guided tours and initiatives in the vineyards of the volcano Astroni; guided tours of the Marine Protected Area of Gaiola, the Grotto of Sejanus and the Archaeological Park of Posillipo; final night of competition of short films “La Grande Bouffe”, hiking in the funds of rustic Agnano and Bagnoli.

Puteoli. Visit the main monuments of the city of Pozzuoli (between the Stadium event Antoninus Pius exceptionally open for the occasion); Cycle Wine Tour free between wineries; exhibition of objects of local artisans; excursion on boat confiscated crime; Dinners at Vine and Vine Jazz; Guided tours in the churches of the old town; homage to the square and local produce with Piz-Zé; Solfatara Volcano geothermal energy in the kitchen; Slow Food initiatives; the “House of Bees” in Monterusciello, Land Art

Avernum. Visit the Sunken City; Malazè for Small Garden with Agrigiochiamo the Orc; dramatized excursions in the pseudo cave of the Sibyl at Lake Avernus; Dinners at Vine and Vine Jazz; Slow Food initiatives; initiative on small-scale fisheries; Merenda cycle; treasure hunt and canoe on the coast and lakes.

Baiae. Cycling in Bacoli and boat tours on the lake Misenum; trips to Mount Misenum and Lake Fusaro; guided visits to monuments (including the Archaeological Museum of the Phlegraean Fields, the Shrine of the Augustals and Piscina Mirabilis); Visits and Dinner in the Vineyard; excursion between the rows of mussels; painting exhibitions; presentation books.

Quartum. Treasure hunt among the monuments of the Fourth; aperitif offered by the chef Marianna Vitale (Michelin Star) and the Association of the South Restaurant Bottega dei Simple Thoughts; Knights of the Dinner Table Balorda with the writer Maurizio De Giovanni.

Mons et Prochyta. Journeys through the paths of the wine producers and fishermen of Monte di Procida; visits to ancient cellai; presentation of books to the Chapel and excursions to the island of Vivara, Procida.

Participate in the ninth edition of Malazè: 20 restaurants, 20 wineries, gourmet 15 companies and more than 100 associations, cooperatives, and public and private entities.