Neapolitan food, Leopoldo to conquer the Decumani


Leopoldo“, a name that evokes goodness. And for decades, is a guarantee for gourmets and lovers of delicacies “Made in Naples”. One reason that more valid … “redouble” the offer. The famous brand of Leopoldo Infante opens in Spaccanapoli, in the historic center of the ancient capital, a new store reviving the tradition of exquisite tarallo ‘nzogna and pepper as street food quality, the symbol of Naples, tasty amarcord and recovery of identity territorial strong and deeply rooted.

The “Neapolitan tarallo“, you read that right: one of the “signature” of the most celebrated culinary Partenope, along with the traditional pizza. That lard and pepper, of course. Studded with whole almonds, still worked strictly by hand, and then baked by the masters of Leopoldo that make it, in the middle of the third millennium, a pleasant stroll from gluttony. Almost a new fashion for an aperitif in conjunction with bubbles bells.

Well, it is on the recovery of what is thus a symbol of the oldest and most popular Neapolitan cuisine, born the concept of the new store that Leopoldo nod to contemporary tastes without losing sight of tradition. In the heart of Naples oldest and most emblematic Decuman along the bottom, better known as Spaccanapoli corner of Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, opens the doors to the new Leopold café bar is a cozy space, about 100 square meters, decorated with traditional polka dots, with tables and chairs for a break to relax and take away the original packaging and walking.


The selection of the new local ranging from sweet to savory. This is because over the years Leopold has gained solid experience in traditional pastry that supports the production of baked goods and small rotisserie quality. No coincidence that a bank is dedicated to ice cream, craft and quality. Now, on the occasion of the new opening, the historic brand made in Partenope launches tarallo olive oil. A new delicacy that turns the classic tarallo ‘nsogna and pepper in a modern product closer to the food needs of today, also thought to vegans and vegetarians. Among the new features in the pipeline even mixture of “coffee Leopoldo” in take-away packages and classic liqueurs such as limoncello or fragolino, these designer Leopoldo.

Leopold is a brand that comes from far away. His, in fact, is a story that has its roots in the ancient tradition of tarallari, when the streets of Naples resounded invitation to taste the warm bagels “‘nzogna and pepper“. The company, from the time of its founder Leopoldo Infante, has been transformed to become today a brand that is synonymous with goodness and excellence in quality, varied product and worked with love, from cakes to pies, from pasta to food timballetti Neapolitan. The company’s development has been made by one of the sons of the founder, Gianni, who led her to become one of the most prestigious brands in the food Neapolitan, thanks to the final contribution of his sons Nunzia and Leopoldo Infante, sons of art and craft of Gianni Infante.

The laboratory of Leopold has a staff of over 20 employees including confectioners, chefs, trimmers, and logistics personnel. The production is fully centralized in the laboratory semi-industrial with some manual steps yet. The undisputed star of the products of Leopold is undoubtedly the tarallo, that warm, classic almond, tasty and fragrant, but other than that classic, there are many variations in both size and flavor, as tarallini tasting and appetizer with peppers, with broccoli, olives and corn. The range of sweet and savory products is really wide, craft production has about two hundred entries, in addition to the products created specifically for customers.


The pastry is the classic Neapolitan, and goes by the baba puffs, and is available in either single-portion which mignon. The range of dry products is very broad and ranges from shortbread to those up to the cherry almond squares, also very popular with tourists and Business travelers, for obvious reasons of convenience in transport packaging with a nice, quick and practical gifts. The salt production, provided always that single version mignon, is that of rotisserie classic Neapolitan: there are rustic pastry, puff pastry, sandwiches of various kinds, baked pizzas, fries and pies.

The packs of Leopoldo are the most sought after us both about the food packaging. Inspired by the visual communication and graphic design vintage French side of the Alps, with polka dots in black and white, are a real novelty in the context of what has been achieved in Naples and Italy: boxes and trunks that are proposed almost like handbags take with a pinch of coquetry.

Leopoldo currently has four stores in Naples – Via Toledo, Via Vittoria Colonna, via Scarlatti and the new Via Benedetto Croce – who are at the same time, a café, a bar, confectionery, bakery, ice cream and Cocktaileria.

Leopoldo by Leopoldo Infante
Via Toledo, 8 – Napoli. Tel. +39.081.5512909
Via V. Colonna, 46-47 -Napoli. Tel. +39.081.416161
via L. Giordano, 45 – Napoli. Tel. 39.081.19303623
Via Benedetto Croce, 30/31 – Napoli (Spaccanapoli). Tel. +39.081.0108027