Paccheri pumpkin, mussels and bread crumbs flavored

ricetta paccheri zucca cozze

This time the storicetta (recipe that season a daily history) that we send our friend Gian Luca da Procida, we talk about a special dish that has won many positions in the top ten of the typical dishes of Campania, and therefore the islanders. Here on what occasion and how he cooked for himself and his guests from across the Alps, a fabulous paccheri with pumpkin and mussels. We publish as received.

“To those who wonder whether there may be sincere friendship between men and women I could answer with a resounding yes! After many years I have seen without any shadow of doubt, that my thought is founded and amicably shared. I have had the opportunity to work for a dear friend with whom I “score” university studies and in particular of a cursed financial mathematics exam. When we accidentally revised over time so far, we have always remembered those beautiful moments, but our works, so different and always hurried, did you that the coffee that we should have taken together was always just a dream. the fate of the “suspended coffee” recently however a phone call as unexpected as very welcome has changed. “Hello Gianly want to be part of my crew for a mini cruise on a sailing boat in the Gulf, I need a second and a cook?”

This was the question point-blank that I was made by my dear friend skipper. Her name is Roberta, and she is my former colleague of university which I have written to date. My answer was a resounding yes and that he knew of absolute happiness. To combine my passion for the sea and that of the kitchen, with the ability to take the famous coffee and remember the old days had no money, so I gladly accepted, and immediately, and I threw myself into this new adventure. A long time to organize the galley was not there, so I relied on his experience as skipper sailed. We went on a Friday morning in mid-September, but that nothing had unfortunately those beautiful days that our Campanian climate often gives to us and to the guests of our land and of our gulf. In fact, rain and wind were the masters, but morale was a thousand and nothing would compromise the new experience.[charme-gallery]Giving an eye to the galley I noticed with pleasure the presence of some seasonal ingredients that would allow me to cook some of my favorite dishes and especially the pumpkin and the mussels so that you can rework a plate that a few days before I had eaten at dinner in one of my favorite restaurants of my island. I decide that what must be the dish with which to begin the journey hoping to appreciate now my kitchen and have the approval of the guests of the channel.

Making of recipe and ingredients.

Mussels, pumpkin, extra virgin olive oil, bread boor at least the day before, if not more, Parsley, Garlic, pink pepper, salt, pasta Paccheri size of durum wheat, spices and / or herbs to taste

To heat a little extra virgin olive oil with the addition of a pinch of pink pepper and after joining the garlic and pumpkin fading with white wine until almost completely cooked, removing the garlic in its imbionditura (I prefer that cubes remain crisp enough). Then add the mussels with some of their cooking water carefully preserved and continue cooking for about ten minutes. Drain the pasta always al dente and finish cooking in the sauce by adding a portion of crumbled bread, previously flavored with pink pepper and herbs or spices to taste, always with some oil. Serve adding some freshly chopped parsley and the rest of the bread crumbs.

Still spend the night by the light of the examination of financial mathematics laughing moon with a friend of all time, while enjoying a great paccheri with pumpkin and mussels accompanied by a nice cold white light wine, and then fall asleep on the stern of a sailboat sofas moored in any sparse, it is an experience that is priceless and that’s good enough for the health and morals.”