The resurrection of taste at the table: Fellata, the Easter appetizer doc


As with all best-known celebrations of the year, even at Easter are combined with the usual culinary traditions. Especially in Terra Felix,  the cradle of flavors and aromas inimitable. So, go ahead to the festive tables with family and friends and the classic picnic lunch to eat during the typical “outing” of Easter Monday , the “Easter Monday”.

In short, it is clear that in the capital of Campania waiting spiritual sacred festival goes hand in hand with the gastronomic aspect, much more secular but equally profound because it dates back to the ancient culture of recipes and ingredients that for centuries have been handed down from generation to generation.

We then jump back in time and immergiamoci in the convivial atmosphere of the houses used to be. Common practice was to live in family groups under the same roof, and often the “kitchen” was the main place of meeting. The space in which we met above all to enjoy the warmth of the fire on which the dishes were prepared feasts. In particular stood out to wealth and abundance , then as now , the menu of Easter that he could not (and can not) apart from a few main courses. But first things first and let’s start from the starters.


The memory runs automatically to the traditional “Fellata” inevitable prelude to subsequent succulent dishes from the dinner table. This term is typically Neapolitan, it indicates the classical mixed platter of cold cuts and cheese. Then slices (” gall “) of salami, cheese, capicollo, provolone , sorry if little, hard-boiled eggs and salt ricotta.

Also in this case it is ingredients belonging to the tradition and therefore with a symbology that has always characterized them. Let’s discover the meaning.
The eggs, in the ancient culture represent rebirth, then the resurrection of Christ , salami instead is a symbol of the wealth of the peasant land, ricotta instead expresses the spirit of communion, total union, a cheese that is used to enrich the poor and complete this dish, giving a touch of flavor and smoothness, a triumph of flavors and smells wonderful. All washed down with a good red wine of Gragnano and peasant bread , (the one with the ” peel” hard and burnt down). But who knows where the name “Fellata” ?

The term comes from the word “fella”, or slice in Neapolitan dialect , as the ricotta and salami are presented sliced ​​, and boiled eggs are either cut in half or into wedges.
It is a fresh and tasty appetizer whose value is given not only by its incomparable flavor, but also by the possibility of being able to be recycled the next day, a bit ‘as it happens with the salad reinforcement at Christmas, because the traditions, tastes and ingredients, as we have seen never change and are passed down from generation to generation.