Tagliatelle with cream cheese and walnuts. Cheese made in Terra Felix

tagliatelle quattro formaggi e noci

The recipe of Campania cuisine.

A recipe that you can either bring in the four seasons. In case you proposed in summer, you could add a little ‘zest of lemon Procida Amalfi or to make it more suited to the period. The longest time in this version is that of cooking the pasta, then chefs of all kinds, use it especially when you have little time to cook.

Ingredients for 4 people: 360 grams of egg noodles (including straw and hay if you want), 40 g of crushed walnut kernels, 50 g of spicy auricchio, 100 grams of ricotta cheese, 50 grams of the monaco provolone cheese, 50 grams of Sorrento baby cheese, 40 g butter, 1 cup of milk, black pepper to grind

Making o f recipe

In a large saucepan (because then you’ll have to pour into the noodles) put the grated cheese curls and the softened cheese with a fork after you have melted butter. Must melt the cheese and to help in this helped with the cup of milk (whole if possible) or, if not enough, with a little ‘cooking water from the pasta and in the meantime you have already prepared simultaneously. Formed the cream and cooked the pasta, put in large saucepan and mix well together and add the chopped walnuts. Serve what, the finishing touch is a grated black pepper in grains. Aroma and taste all of Campania.