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Recipe potato gnocchi with pumpkin cream, cheese and provolone melted

Gnocchi recipe with pumpkin cream, cheese and smoked cheese. A new recipe for a Sunday lunch with widely used products in Naples and Campania, as...

Flan Sìsicilian fusilli, flavor Trinacria in bell earth

To those who like eggplant and baked pasta, this recipe, easy to prepare, will not be among the favorites. All kinds of eggplant are...

Sedanini with grilled vegetables, arugula and Parmesan. fresh dish I shove

The Campanian cuisine recipes. Basically a pasta to salad. This is the recipe that my friend Gian Luca di Procida sent us these days. A...

Tagliatelle with cream cheese and walnuts. Cheese made in Terra Felix

The recipe of Campania cuisine. A recipe that you can either bring in the four seasons. In case you proposed in summer, you could add...

Spaghetti with clams fuiute, fancy table all Neapolitan

The recipes and traditional Neapolitan cuisine. Also you've to return home, but have so hungry even notice a little pantry provided? Well, it looks like...

Spaghetti with anchovies and tomato, blue sea at the table

The traditional recipes of Campania Dish simple and quick to make, is the history of cooking the coast of the Gulf in the shadow of...


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