Spaghetti with clams fuiute, fancy table all Neapolitan

spaghetti alla vongole fuiute scappate

The recipes and traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

Also you’ve to return home, but have so hungry even notice a little pantry provided? Well, it looks like it happened so also the great master Eduardo. How many times will happen to you to have to improvise with what you have? And so he said, the Supreme. And that it was the result, the spaghetti vongole fuiute, clams fled translating it into Italian. And ‘the massive presence of parsley that makes imagine the presence as you think. And to us, let your imagination soar not mind. It is not a sin.

Ingredient for 4 people: 400 g spaghetti (preferably bronze drawing, Gragnano), 400 g tomatoes (piennolo or corbarino and, depending on the season), 1 red pepper, 1 garlic, parsley and plenty of fresh, virgin olive oil, salt.


It will not take over the time of the cooking of the pasta for this recipe, easy and quick. In a large pan, to contain the dough, put enough oil. Fate then brown the garlic clove, crushed then if you want to remove it, or finely chopped if you want to leave it in the sauce. At the same time also add chilli finely chopped. Cook garlic to add more tomatoes cut into small pieces. Let them go for 5 minutes at least, and if you like, mash with a wooden spoon.

Now turn around and add the parsley fact small pieces (if you can with your hands and not with the knife). Casting the pasta and put in the pan with the sauce. Stir for a few minutes and then serve with that great smell of parsley that release. Some variations in time then, indicate the possibility of adding capers or deglaze with the white wine to remember a little ‘a saute. Do you or leave it to your imagination.