Recipe potato gnocchi with pumpkin cream, cheese and provolone melted

ricetta-gnocchi-di-patate provola zucca

Gnocchi recipe with pumpkin cream, cheese and smoked cheese.

A new recipe for a Sunday lunch with widely used products in Naples and Campania, as is especially the provolone. Total preparation time for the maximum 40 minutes, the maximum time to savor a dish, three minutes.

Serves 2: 500 g potato dumplings, 600g pumpkin, a small cup of tomato sauce, an onion or shallot small copper, 100 g pancetta, 200 g smoked cheese, 1 small carrot, 100 gr grated Parmesan cheese, 50 grams of grated romano.

Making of recipe.

Brown in a deep pan with olive oil suitable fund, the chopped onion, carrot cut into curls and the finely chopped bacon. After three minutes of browning, add the last cup and stir. A minute to pull over, and then add the pumpkin duly chopped. Stir everything well and to make to brown the pumpkin. It will take two or three minutes. Now add water preheated in separate saucepan until cover the pumpkin into the pot and exceeding it by a few centimeters. Bring to a boil the water until the pumpkin flakes spoon. Add salt at this point (remember that you have the cheese as a condiment). It will take 15 to 20 minutes at least. Turn off and let it cool a minute. With a mini piper blend it all. Awarded this pumpkin cream, reported to the boil the mixture, if necessary adding a little ‘more and pre-heated water. It will be enough to boil for two minutes gnocchi that riverserete inside. These release during cooking a little ‘flour and then make the mixture creamy. If this does not happen (because he put too much water), add half a tablespoon of flour. provolone, you have to let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to dry the milk) The last 30 seconds of boiling also add the smoked cheese, cut into cubes (if fresh. Turn off as soon as the provolone begins to spin. Before serving, heat off, add both Parma. Serve and if you want to beautify the plate and perfume it, two or three leaves of mint will not do bad.