Flan Sìsicilian fusilli, flavor Trinacria in bell earth

sformato fusilli melanzane

To those who like eggplant and baked pasta, this recipe, easy to prepare, will not be among the favorites. All kinds of eggplant are good for this recipe, but if you use the Sicilian, the ribbed, they will give you extra plus. As well as the special taste a touch of smoked cheese produced on the Coast, and Gragnano pasta drawn in bronze, do not fear competition. At the end of tasting you can only satisfied. The recipe that we report is that the chef Mister Steak Pozzuoli.

Ingredients for 4 people: 4 medium aubergines, butter to butter, shallot, minced beef 200 g, 240 g fusilli 200 g smoked cheese, cup red wine, olive oil and frying.

Making of recipe.

After thoroughly washed and then dried eggplants, cut them vertically to medium thick strips. Fry them in a pan with cooking oil brought to the right temperature and then let them dry oil on paper kitchen towel. Meanwhile in a pan can also sauté the shallot and cook his together the minced meat. If you want you can sprinkle with a cup of red wine, possibly Aglianico. Then buttered circular shape, whose cover walls with dried eggplant. Cooked the pasta to join the ground and the provola cut into cubes or thin strips (dried for half an hour in the fridge). Then fill the shape with this mixture, closing the top with a final slice of eggplant. The oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes and you’re done.

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