Spaghetti with anchovies and tomato, blue sea at the table

spaghetti con le alici e pomodorino

The traditional recipes of Campania

Dish simple and quick to make, is the history of cooking the coast of the Gulf in the shadow of Vesuvius. Wife of ancient fishing villages in the fjords close to the sea were accustomed to economize and to use all the best. If in addition to the anchovies of Cetara, also used the tomatoes Corby, or piennolo if they have time, and if the dough is to Gragnano, you reach the maximum flavor made in Campania and certainly will speak better even after the Neapolitan dialect.

Ingredients for 4 people: 400 gr linguine or spaghetti, 250 g fresh anchovies, 300 g tomatoes, 1 shallot, 1 garlic clove, half a glass of white wine, paprika, oregano, olive oil, salt, basil.

Making of recipe.

Filleted anchovies and after being well washed, dry them thoroughly with a cloth. In a large saucepan, put enough oil and insert the garlic. If you like to keep it in the sauce, then cut it into thin slices if, instead, you prefer not to stay in the pot, then only crush and cook him eliminated. Followed then add the crushed red pepper and finely chopped shallots. Just feel the scent of shallots also add the tomatoes cut in the size that you like and cook for 5 minutes. Only now add the anchovies. Simmer for another 10 minutes, adding oregano and fading with half a glass of white wine (falanghina if possible). Carried by cooking the pasta, the poured into the pan with the sauce and stir for a few minutes. Serve adorning the pot, if you will, with a basil leaf.