Sedanini with grilled vegetables, arugula and Parmesan. fresh dish I shove

sedanini con verdure grigliate

The Campanian cuisine recipes.

Basically a pasta to salad. This is the recipe that my friend Gian Luca di Procida sent us these days. A first course, say diet and maybe born with guilt banquet islanders of past Easter. However, as always, we receive and publish this nice “recipe story” so tasty and so colorful.

“Eating healthy is easy. A little salt, a little oil, no frying, fresh, seasonal ingredients … etc etc. And on this we all agree, no point will I repeat the whole pappardella on how. Even more so because in this period, in the spring, the gloss of each newscast is the same for years, and that is with an interview with the dietitian on duty or streetwise nutritionist who recommend us to drink plenty of water and eating a balanced diet, and all then pronounced the inevitable conclusion: “the Mediterranean diet is the best.” Ascertained that truth at each end of Tg or sectorial program, it is also true that the eye wants its part and that one of our five senses (at least I know my ‘5), the taste, does not go on vacation only to overcome the costume fitting. To overcome it, then what to do ??? I, here in Procida, I fix it with simple recipes using seasonal products that combined together give both unique flavor that colors joyful to any kind of dish.

This “recipe story” I’m about to tell you, for example, has allowed me to overcome the obstacle “wife healt fanatic” in favor of a super lunch with friends demanding that follow carefully my culinary adventures Sunday.

The examination, according to those who attended the table, I passed for the quality of food provided. But not for the amount though. Maybe I “stray”. The 120 grams of pasta per head (suggested by my friend Sergio) have made a stinging rejection, resulting in “reference” in September, as part of those in charge in the kitchen in my house for the remaining six days of the week, but for which no I can make a name for privacy reasons, but be aware that these are familiar to me tight, a lot, and female gender. Mo guess if you can be my little daughter or my wife. Do you understand now?

Serves 4 (for vegetables do not give the amount, because much depends on the size of the products you buy, so you regulator to eye).

Here’s what I used: eggplant, zucchini, squash, arugula, grated Parmesan at the time, cooked Gaeta olives, white onions, one clove of fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt and oil strong. For the format of pasta, this was the time of sedanini durum wheat IGP (gr. 360, this weight I will write, otherwise you will be sent back to September like me).

Grilled vegetables, cutting them all in the vertical (or do as you like), and marinate in olive oil for about an hour or so along with white onions and garlic. Cook the pasta al dente and drain it, and after it passed quickly under cold water to cool it down a bit ‘, mix it together with all the marinated vegetables and olives in a large ceramic baking dish. Sprinkle the dough then with parmesan and arugula, and serve immediately leaving diners to the burden and honor to serve themselves to decide whether to be virtuous to the end, or at least to overdo the portions (as he had recommended Sergio ). The strong oil is always welcome for those who love strong flavors ever.

Good appetite and a greeting by Gian Luca from Procida!