Saltwater dancing recipe for Neapolitan. Soft casket of flavors

The recipe of the salad salad to Neapolitan is one of those recipes that you would like to cook as frequently as possible. Its softness and the ability to vary the filling to your liking make it an irresistible pleasure

ricetta danubio alato napoletano

The recipe for the danube salted to neapolitan has its own must for reference, and then everyone can make its variations solely with regard to filling.

This can go from cured meats and cheeses to each and every time, even to a sausage and friars. In short, you will always be tempted to experience new flavors with the curiosity of those who want to find out what’s best for your palate. We thank you for the advice provided for the preparation of this recipe, our dear reader Josè.

Ingredients for neapolitan salad dancing.

For the dough: gr.550 manitoba flour, 250 ml milk, a small cup of olive oil, an abundant sugar spoon, plenty of salt, a brew of yeast, 1 whole egg plus a yolk paint

For filling: 300 gr. Of mortadella or cooked ham, 150 gr. Salamander Neapolitan, gr.350 between fresh sweet provolone and a provolone spicy or semipiccante.

Preparation of neapolitan salt danube.

Quench the milk and dissolve in the yeast. Then add salt, sugar and whole egg. Mix for good. Next, in a high plastic container, add the flour and the oil slowly, mixing it with it until you get a dough of the consistency of the pizza. If it seems too soft, add another flour with a spoon until it reaches the right texture.

Then make the mixture obtained for at least three hours, taking care to cover it with a wipe to increase heat and then raise it. At the end of the day, take the dough and make so many medium sized balls, helping with your hands slightly flamed.

ricetta danubio alato napoletano
ricetta danubio salato napoletano salame e mortadella

After that, in a baking tray, preferably round, place the oven paper and place the balls on it, at least two to three inches apart from each other. Let them grow still by placing the baking pan with the balls for another hour at least. Next, brush the surface with the undefeated albums. Inflate at 180 degrees for about thirty minutes.

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