Since 1700 with devotion. The Neapolitan Migliaccio

Migliaccio napoletano

Recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

The Migliaccio , its name recalls the echoes of the eighteenth century and a sweet love ( by the people) and hated ( by the clergy ): it was a mixture of millet and glazed pork blood . The Carnival before Lent, the period of fasting and penance , and then … this cake turned.

It was certainly in a quiet monastery that the ability of angelic hands turned the pudding in a sweet and slightly sweet , more suitable to the period of Carnival : the semolina cooked in milk and flavored with orange flower water was the prelude to the most famous sfogliatelle.

The secret  of this very delicate cake is in the dosage of aromas, which should not be too intrusive, and in the slow and sweet cooker.

Ingredients for two molds of 24 cm . in diameter ( 12 people) : 10 whole eggs, 250 g of semolina, ricotta 500 g , 500 g of granulated sugar, a pinch of salt , 1,500 ml of whole milk , 1 tablespoon of liqueur Strega , 4 drops of extract Neroly , a pinch of vanilla powder.

Making of recipe.

Bring the milk almost to a boil , add salt and pour in the semolina , cook , stirring constantly , and let cool completely.

In the meantime, work well the ricotta with the sugar and add a little at a time, lightly beaten eggs . At this point, add the semolina to the ricotta mixture and mix well. Finally, the liqueur , vanilla and Neroly . Pour into the mold previously buttered and floured , and bake at 150 degrees for about an hour.

Turn out , let cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.