When the taste is all Vesuvius. Penne with tomato sauce with provolone

penne alla pizzaiola con provola

The recipes of traditional Neapolitan cuisin.

It ‘easy to cook. And ‘good, indeed, very good to eat. It has a scent that is a pleasure to hear. All this is enhanced even more if, among the ingredients, use San Marzano tomatoes and provolone Agerola. Basil, last ingredient to be included in the recipe, the one that gives the most fragrance, can be both fresh and seasoned, but better still, however, if it is in the mountains. Remember to always propose it to your table. They will have the pleasure of eating a dish that unfortunately disappears from the culinary habits of the ladies of Naples.

Ingredients for 4 people: gr. 400 penne or pimps broken, 600 gr ripe tomatoes San Marzano, 320 g smoked cheese of Agerola, a clove of garlic, oregano, oil, salt,

Making of recipe

Start by saying that it is better to use provolone having at least one day, or if fresh, put at least an hour before using it in the fridge. Avoid to hunt too much milk in the sauce. This fact should be cut into thin strips and then be added to the sauce. For the sauce, place in a pan oil just enough to cook the tomatoes, making fry the garlic first and then delete it. Now add the tomatoes, sbriciolandoli hand, salt and pepper (if you like pepper). When the sauce is almost dry, add the cheese and oregano. Must cook it all together most a minute. If necessary add a little ‘of water from the pasta that you will be bringing in another cooking pot. Al dente then drain the pasta and stir in the sauce make a couple of minutes. The dish should be served hot and steaming beautiful and unleash all the perfume dl tomato and oregano.