The hat of cardinal in the light version


A precise recipe of the cardinal’s hat does not exist, but keeping it simple you can enrich it with what you want or replace rice with pasta, with macaroni , and use other types of meats more determined .

This version that we offer is very digestible and gustosa.Piace even the smallest of which often peek at the table what they eat big . A handy dish, practical and makes her beautiful figure .


250 gr rice

250 g smoked ham cooked

200 gr mozzarella

tomato puree







Bring water to boil and cook 10 minutes the rice (no more as it is still cooked)


Put a spoon in a pot of oil, chopped onion all’imbiondire add the pureed onion a pinch of salt for about half an hour .

Cut the mozzarella into small pieces and put it in a separate container , when you see that the sauce is going to end , add the mozzarella and pepper.


Take an earthenware (pottery ) cover it all with the ham , making sure to cut the flaps that come out , add everything in the crock and cook in the oven fifteen minutes .


After preparing the rice, turn the oven to 180 ° after mixing all the ingredients to put in the oven for fifteen minutes . Once cooked turn upside down and out of the crock or “capiell ro Cardinal”, the ham with rice .