Potatoes and provolone on a dish with a unique flavor

Here is the pasta and potato recipe with provola explained step by step. What goodness, what a joy

ricetta pasta e patate con provola
ricetta pasta e patate con provola

Here is the recipe , explained step by step , the ” pasta and patane apt ” , pasta and potatoes with provolone .

Ingredients (for 4 people)

320 g of pasta mixed short of Gragnano drawn in bronze , if you can

800 g potatoes (not short stories, p ‘ ammmore ‘ and Dddio !)

40 g of extra virgin olive oil

200 g provolone

100 g of bacon

six hanging cherry tomatoes just to give color

three leaves of basil

a stick of celery

a white onion

a clove of garlic

Parmesan q.b.

black pepper q.b.

salt q.b.


Fry in a pan rather deep in extra virgin olive oil and the chopped onion , the celery and chopped garlic . Make browned , taking care not to burn the onion . Add the potatoes previously cut into pieces , not too big but not too small so that they retain consistency .

Add the bacon cut into pieces in turn . Cook for a few minutes, making sure it does not stick anything in the bottom of the pot . Halfway through the cooking of the potatoes , add the chopped tomatoes , which will only serve to give a little ‘ color to the dish , salt and pepper and continue cooking and stirring .