Spaghetti at Vesuviana. Good, fresh, easy and fast

In this recipe of spaghetti to Vesuviana, the use of spaghetti is not obligatory. Obviously also linguine, vermicelli or other long pasta are fine

spaghetti alla vesuviana
spaghetti alla vesuviana

For those who have little time but want to eat something delicious, then this is the right recipe.

The recipe of Spaghetti to Vesuviana as indicated in the title, assures several distinct advantages. The goodness of the dish. It’s one of those dishes you would do in those moments, which are not uncommon, in which you want something good to eat. But generally you do not have much time to satisfy these pensive desires. The speed and simplicity with which the recipe is prepared is almost disarming. Anyone would be able to prepare them in no more than thirty minutes. Few are the ingredients and the ones you frequently have in the pantry. So if you are curious, check your supplies and what are the ingredients you need and get yourself started right away. What is needed? Let’s see together.

Ingredients for 4 people: 1 kg of peeled tomatoes (better than San Marzano ), 400 gr of long bronze drawn pasta, 150 gr of green olives, 50 gr of capers, a clove of Garlic, a small dried chili pepper, a parsley bunch, evo oil, salt.

Making or recipe of Spaghetti at Vesuviana.

In a low but large pan, put enough oil to make a nice sauce. Let it brown the garlic and eliminate it to its whimsy for those who do not like it. Or, for lovers of this taste, leave it in the pan until you have finely chopped it. Add the chopped chilli pepper between two fingers. Then take the San Marzano and peel them with your hands in the pan. Get cooked for about fifteen ounces. Put a lid on it or a splash on the kitchen otherwise you will find tomato away everywhere. After that add the green olives potted with a knife, or for those who know how to do it by hand, clamping it between the two ends. Along with the olives is also the time of the capers.

Spaghetti-alla Vesuviana
Spaghetti-alla Vesuviana

Desolate, of course, passing them under the water first in a palm then in the other several times. Another fifteen minutes of cooking and you are ready. During the rinse and chop the parsley. Put the pasta on the tooth, keep it in the saucepan and while you add the parsley. Variants such as a grilled dumplings or grated Parmesan cheese are not incorrect.

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