“A pizza for the summer”, the winner is chosen on Fb

Una pizza per l'estate 2015

A pizza for the summer“. This is the title of the event organized by Molino Caputo and moreover, this year, the third edition, staged last night, on the scenic terrace of Palazzo Petrucci, in the beautiful setting of Piazza San Domenico Maggiore in Naples. Eight pizza makers, unleashing the “arms” of the quality and craftsmanship, battled with strokes of … taste and flavors to churn out the coolest pizza next summer. “Regulations” in hand, competitors (this is Michele Leo, “Pizzeria Palazzo Petrucci”, Napoli; Ciro Oliva, “Pizzeria Oliva da Concettina ai tre Santi”, Napoli; Pasqualino Rossi, “Pizzeria Elite”, Alvignano- Caserta; Ron Garofalo, “Pizzeria Mistral”, Palermo; Roberto and Salvatore Susta, “Pizzeria Shekkinah” Volla- Napoli; Luca and Gianni Castellano, “Pizzeria Pizzazzà”, Napoli; Enzo Cacialli, “Pizzeria Don Ernesto”, Napoli; and Vittorio Giordano, “Pizzeria Al Valico di Chiunzi”, Tramonti, Salerno), starting today, will add to their traditional menu also a personal interpretation of the traditional hard flour. A “pizza proposal” that, who wants to, can taste, expressing its preference on the Facebook page A pizza for the Summer“. They will, in fact, their clients to declare, at the end of summer, the success and the popularity of the “pizza proposal”.

For this edition, Michael Leo, the pizza home has proposed a “Scapece lemon“, with anchovies, smoked cheese, fresh onion, zucchini, anchovies, mint and lemon. “Curly Summer 2015” was, however, the interpretation of Pasqualino Rossi with a filling of smoked buffalo, black olives Caiazzane, anchovies Cetara and “scarola” curly at raw. Very original version “Fresella” prepared by the young Ciro Oliva: a tribute to the tradition of Puglia, stuffed with plum tomato bio, Cetara tuna, mozzarella and arugula. From Palermo, Ron Garofalo brought his “Sicilian pizza” with a topping of mozzarella and diced plum of Scili and staircase Cinisara seasoned. “The Primizia” was the proposal of the brothers Susta of Volla, made with tomatoes and peppers Yellow River (“friggitelli”) of mozzarella of Agerola. Pecorino Romano, “friggitelli” and tomatoes, in this case of Pachino, even pizza “Kingdom of the Two Sicilies” by Enzo Cacialli, but with an entirely different, demonstrating how important the personal touch of pizzaiuolo in creating pizzas.
A “Margherita to San Marzano” with San Marzano tomato DOP San Nicola dei Miri, Fiordilatte Agerola, Pecorino Romano DOP and Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 24 months has been the interpretation for the summer of 2015 and Luca and Gianni Castellano Naples. The pizzaiuolo Vittorio Giordano, from the Amalfi Coast, stuffed his “Tramonti d’Estate” with provolone Tramonti and summer truffle “Scorzone” of Lattari.

To do the honors, during the performance, along with Antimo Caputo for Molino Caputo and Edoardo Trotta, owner of Palazzo Petrucci, there were also starred chefs Lino Scarallo (restaurant Palazzo Petrucci) and Gennaro Esposito (Restaurant Tower Saracino Marina di Equa). For the occasion, the master pastry chef Sal De Riso, another of the celebrities attending the festival, has proposed his new creation: the sweet BabàmiSU’, sourdough soaked to the Neapolitan espresso and mascarpone cream, made and served in cups glass. “With this third edition we have achieved a balance of the proposals of our Pizzaiuoli – said Caputo – harmony in the flavors and scents that adds to the high quality of the mixtures obtained with our flour, dough always light, tasty, balanced and well hydrated. In addition, the participation of chefs from the likes of Gennaro Esposito, and Lino Scarallo has established a fruitful relationship with the teachers Pizzaiuoli osmosis”.[charme-gallery]