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New Year’s Eve: sold out in Capri, disco dance in Piazzetta

The island of Capri (Naples) is fully booked for the end of year festivities. The Piazzetta prepares for New Year's Eve for the live music...

Capri, the homes of culture

Capri is a glittering pearl where VIPs, nobility, writers and artists seek peace of mind. The Emperor Tiberius was the first of countless illustrious...

From Agerola to Nocelle, postcards from paradise

Suspended between history and mythology, a timeless paradise where sky and sea merge together along an enchanting route that culminates in the splendid scenery...

Rocks of the sea full of history

Rock formations. From Capri’s Faraglioni to the Stone of Pozzuoli. History built on rock. At first sight mere rocks or tiny islands rising above...