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Slide of one week the “Naples Strit Food Festival”

Given the tam tam godereccio of recent days, only a cataclysm could halt the most anticipated event gourmand in town. The weather is clear:...

The return of the goodness of “Naples Pizza Village”

Five days of gluttony, fifty historical Neapolitan pizzerias involved, 100 thousand pizzas and 500 thousand visitors during the last edition. These, the first issues...

Here comes the “Napoli Strit Food Festival”

Pizzas “wraparound”, pastas grown, rice balls, croquettes with “soul” racy, omelettes pasta, bagels, mozzarella in a carriage, scagliozzi of polenta, “cuoppi” of land and...

Is Neapolitan the world champion of “pizzaiuoli”

Is Neapolitan the winner of the world championship of Pizzaiuolo 2014, second consecutive year of success for an Italian after eight years of winners...

Everyone on the Seafront, Napoli Pizza Village opens the doors

Double opening for the event "Napoli Pizza Village", organized by the Association Pizzaiuoli Neapolitans, on the Seafront Caracciolo of Naples. The kermesse, which opens...

On the Waterfront of Naples back to the pizza festival

On the Waterfront of Partenope back the pizza copyright. Promoted by Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, from Tuesday 2 to...


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