The paradise with breathtaking views: Visit the Hermitage of Camaldoli


It was founded in 1585 by Giovanni D’Avalos, son of Alfonso d’Aragona, its history has been rather turbulent: it has been canceled twice. The first by Napoleone in 1807 and the second decision of the House of Savoia in 1866. Currently is run by bridget nuns.
We’re talking about the complex historical hermitage of Camaldoli, where Sunday, July 20 is scheduled for a guided tour by the cultural Curiocity.
It starts with the cool, late in the afternoon, at the time one of the most beautiful and scenic places of Naples.
It is in fact the highest point of the large and mountainous natural amphitheater surrounding the Gulf of Naples, with a height of m. 458.8 above sea level.
From Camaldoli hill you can enjoy not surprisingly spectacular views and 360 °, the Campi Flegrei in Capo Miseno, from the islands of Vesuvius, to the beauty of the former capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the harbor, St. Martino and Posillipo.
But we get into the detail of the program of the “grand tour” to Camaldoli.


It starts precisely from the visit to the wonderful viewpoint of the monastic complex in the countryside and in silence, then continue to the time of the church, which is accessed through a portal in pietrarsa valuable and in which is located the altar by Cosimo Fanzago.
The architecture of the sacred refers mainly to the Baroque style, and hosts major pictorial evidence of the likes of Luca Giordano, Massimo Stanzione, Andrea Mozzilli and Federico Barocci.
And after you have had your fill of sacred art, the tour continues with a decidedly bucolic vein, through the many lush orchards and gardens that adorn the cloister of the building.
Also remember that the property also comes with a rich library and a large reading room to totally immerse yourself in relaxation, surrounded by an oasis of peace within walking distance from the city yet so far from it for peace and tranquility.

Guided visit to the hermitage of Camaldoli
Hermitage of Camaldoli Hermitage Street 87, Naples
Sunday, July 20 18:00
Meet at 17.30 in the Hermitage of Camaldoli, parking area.
Contribution visit: 6 €
Info and reservations: 3334256705/3288447450