Forum of Cultures, we start with the events of Naples, Pompeii and Ascea


The Universal Forum of Cultures of  Naples and Campania, finally starts. After the inauguration of the fourth edition of the cultural event , which took place on November 18, we start with the first appointments in the calendar.
The first stage of the event which will run until next October, brings us directly at Pompeii, in the heart of the city of ruins where there will be an interesting festival “Creativity goes to school”,  a sort of “guide” to the discovery of precious and rare archaeological finds on display in the Vesuvian area of the city.

But it does not end here because the charm of the urban Roman buried by Vesuvius, is also the protagonist of another important event, dedicated to the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered intangible heritage of humanity.
Again, another round, another race: Let’s move to Naples. And we give space to art and science that are shaped in the charming “Una Mostra Impossibile”, held in the church of San Domenico Maggiore.


From April 21  the museum  that host digital reproductions of paintings by Leonardo, Raphael and Caravaggio will be enriched by the arrival of Leonardo’s machines and an original drawing taken from the Codex Atlanticus. In short: one more reason not to miss the opportunity to see the parade, next to each other, the masterpieces of some of the greatest representatives of the so-called “Italian genius”.  We are or we are not talking about a show impossible?

Let us now turn from the classic to the licentious pop art of Andy Warhol: some of his most famous works,180, will be on display from April 18, in the halls of Pan,  the Palace of the Arts in Naples.

And again, as not devote a great tribute to Eduardo De Filippo, in the thirtieth anniversary of his death ? He was born in Naples and from Naples drew the lifeblood to feed his inimitable theater? The city of Partenope, thanks to the contribution of the Teatro di San Carlo, remember the histrionic actor in the course of an unprecedented production entitled  “Eduardo, the magic creator”.

Finally, it closes with the philosophy : the subject in the center of the festival which will take place in Ascea, theater of the Philosophy Festival in Magna Grecia a cultural event dedicated to the students of secondary schools and putting together proposals cultural and territorial marketing through the discovery and the redevelopment of the area.

The festival involves children on a path of growth experiential aimed at re-reading of the places and spaces where did philosophy in a new key , intelligent, different and fascinating, which is composed of philosophical walks , themed competitions , workshops interdisciplinary dialogues, meetings, round tables and much more.
Until the last stage of Paestum, where she will feel beautiful, immersing himself in the magical world of fairy tales math .

“Universal Forum of Cultures”
April-October 2014