Tour to explore the historic and gastronomic belly of Naples


Three days dedicated to the history and culture rigorously made in Partenope.
From May 28 to 30 , the city will host the Gulf of privileged review focuses on the gastronomic delights of Terra Felix that will lead visitors on a journey to discover the remote origins of the city ‘s mythical siren.

The event is a collaboration between the Gallery of the Cultural Bourbon Bourbon Underground and the famous and oldest pizzeria “Mondo Pizza”, adhering to the Pizzafestival, an event scheduled in the last week of May in Naples, and promoted by the True Pizza Napoletana.

What better combination, then, if not the gastronomy with the rich historical and cultural background of which one is equipped with Partenope?
For the many visitors who want to experience it, you can take advantage of the path
“Gentlemen go down …” that will lead fans and tourists through an exciting tour in Naples “below”, in overtime and evening accompanied by an expert guide, being able to choose from four times( 19.00, 20.00, 21.00, 22.00).


It is a visit of inestimable value that allows you to see what was done in the basement of the city in the last 500 years, in particular, we will cross the areas linked to traits of the seventeenth-century aqueduct della Bolla, you can admire the civil works carried out in the gallery of the Bourbon projected by the architect Enrico Alvino and environments adapted to shelter during World War II; also, along the way, will be the incredible huge frame fragments of statues, cars and motorcycles found buried under piles of trash and debris.

But beware, it does not end here because everything will be accompanied by tasting pizza with drink included and tasting of buffalo dairy products and wine of Gragnano by the company Grotta del Sole. The all-inclusive cost of € 20 for a special evening. And to discover, but also enhance the story of the underground facilities that have enabled Naples, to arise and live over the millennia.

“Gentlemen descend”
28-29-30 May 2014

Bourbon Gallery, Vico Del Grottone 4 – Piazza Plebiscito area
Via Domenico Morelli c / o Parking Morelli

Guided tours at: 19.00, 20.00, 21.00, 22.00, reservations required number: 3662484151