Great tour in the heart of Naples to the discovery of good wine

PartENOpe, i viaggi del vino a Napoli

A journey to be experienced and “taste”. Region by region. To discover the beauty of the boot wine. With a focus on delicacies from the Campania and the goodness of his inimitable nectar. It starts next Friday, October 10, and Friday and October 11, at 21, with an excursus in the heart of the historic center of Naples. The appointment is in the local Enoteca Scagliola in via San Pietro a Majella with the first of ten “trips in the wine” organized by the siren Partenope@ (others will follow in Puglia, Sardinia, Piemonte, Trentino, Sicily and the rest of the world). Whenever the travelers can enjoy a white and a red: signature wines, produced without sulfites. Strictly organic.

At the stage of Naples, travelers, escorted by three sommelier experience (Pasquale Bright, Nicola scagliola and Sandra Restrepo), will taste two precious wines from Campania, the Pallagrello and Catalanesca, with the possibility of replicas (or tasting), depending on the requests.

Accompanied by appetizers and the glorious history of Naples, the first episode of Partenope@ in fact aims to raise awareness of the niche products of Terra Felix, the most hidden from the general public, with special lessons. The less well-known fact, but no less good. And the choice could only fall on Pallagrello and Catalanesca. Both are ready to offer the best of themselves in the elegant cellar of Neapolis greek roman.

The first seems to derive its name from the round berries (“pallarello”) of vines grown on the slopes of the hills Caiatine in Upper Casertano, set in the Roman is “Pilleolata.” While Catalanesca has its roots in the Spanish region of Catalonia. The same King Alfonso I the Magnanimous. And where, according to legend, for the love of a girl, the first “slip up” or bud vine grapes of this precious and flavorful, was transported and then transplanted on Mount Somma.

Partenope, travel in the wine of the Siren
Friday, October 10, at 21
Enoteca scagliola, via San Pietro a Majella, Naples
Reservations, info and prices: 338.1099379